Making a Difference Where a Difference Needs to be Made


Our Vision


Fulfilling a promise to do good after doing well

What's in a Name?


Smith Martini is more than just a name—it represents a feeling, a time of day, a family tradition.  It signifies keeping life in balance, pausing to be grateful and celebrating the moments we get to spend together.  Being deliberate and mindful, pausing to take stock and restore perspective, the Smith Martini gives us time to check in and check on each other.  It is a choice to intentionally stop to take notice and act instead of just walking by.  It is this sentiment that compels the Smith Martini Foundation’s work.

Our Mission


The Smith Martini Foundation embraces a set of core values that emerge from the Foundation’s mission of making a difference where a difference needs to be made. The Foundation values grants and programs that benefit women, children and animals in Western North Carolina.

Core Values

Stewardship:  Accountability, fiscal responsibility, and purpose- driven grantmaking

Integrity:  Honesty, humility, and openness to act in alignment with our values 

Dedication: Helping those less fortunate (women, children, animals)

Impact: Bringing hope to those who need it the most

Sustainability: Supporting global efforts to safeguard our environment to make our community a better place